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International Egg Products

At International Egg Products we specialize in the supply of all types of Egg Powder products to the UK

With an accumulation of over 50 years’ experience in the procurement and supply of egg powder products from our BRC (British Retail Consortium) approved factories we are able to ensure first quality product at competitive prices backed up by a first class service.

As well as supplying all types of Egg Powders in large quantities to National and International Food Manufacturers and Wholesalers we are also able to supply Powdered Egg in small retail packs for Catering and Home Baking.

We also supply Whole Egg Powder and Egg White Powder under the “PRO-OVO” brand for high protein consumption for weight gain and bodybuilding also under the “OVO-BAIT” brand for pet foods and carp bait (boilies) production,

To purchase  retail size packs, on line, of Whole Egg Powder and Egg White Powder (Albumen)for Home Baking. Catering, weight gain, Bodybuilding and fish bait please go to the appropriate page, as indicated on the left,

For bulk quantities please contact us by email or telephone for a quotation, availability  and specifications.   


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